Welcome to our Grand Opening – Happily sharing a graceful turning point in our lives!

Such an amazing adventure for Doug and I as we enter into our true calling of fine art photography. We are very excited to share this graceful turning point with all of our new and lifelong encouraging supporters.

Doug and I have been “fighting” our truest desire to open up a formal Fine Art Gallery for some time. We humbly owe this grand opening to the supportive words of many of our friends and family for the last 25 years. As a matter of fact we entertained renting studio real estate in Sonoma, California, Old Colorado City, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico on several occasions.

We finally decided that our approach needed to be much further reaching by developing a “virtual” gallery that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home by anyone who owns a computer or smart phone.  It comes to you from our hearts and hope that each piece displayed tells a story and creates an emotion for all of our followers.  We continue to be blessed with “everything” we need to be successful to include abundant experience, equipment, talent, and never ending passion for digitally mastered fine art.

We hope that you enjoy the “live” site as it evolves.  We also hope to inspire other likeminded photographers going forward with blogging, showcasing, mentoring and coaching programs.  We are learning much about the e-commerce business and continue to polish our photography skills from things as small as the flowers in the garden to our international travels and adventures. We both agree that when it’s time to shut out the lights it would be a shame to have ignored this calling.

Blessings to all,

Sharon and Doug

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