Studio is LIVE!

Well we’ve talked about it, but we can officially say the DS Visual Art studio is live and open for business. The backdrops are up and lights are ready to go. As mentioned in previous posts the studio area has accessibility that allows photographing from a higher vantage point down into the main shop area.

Barn Door allows shooting photography down into main shop
Main studio with lights & backdrops

We so happy to have this new space and are looking forward to capturing some amazing photographs. If you’re looking for portrait photography call us today to book a session. If you’re looking for some amazing fine art be sure to check out our website,

Studio update

Well as we stated last month we’ve been working on building out some studio space for DS Visual Art. It’s with great satisfaction that we can say that the studio is finally nearing completion.

Studio space with new flooring

It’s been almost a year in the making, and years of dreaming, but the studio is almost complete. The photo above shows about 2/3 of the space. Since this image was taken we have installed our backdrop hanger (which will hold 3 different backdrops).

In addition to backdrops, we’ve started moving lighting equipment up to the space. One thing that makes this space unique is the fact that with the studio being in a loft area, we have build in the ability to photograph from the loft to the lower level of the building. While the primary space will be used for portrait and other types of photography, we will also have the space to accommodate vehicle photography.

Other features we will be adding in the very short term will be themed backgrounds and lighting supports to reduce the need for light stands which will help increase shooting space.

That pretty much sums up this update. Thanks for continuing to follow our journey. Stay tuned as we’ll be looking to start providing more instructional posts now that we have a space to do them.