Year in Review

I think we can all agree, what a crazy year it’s been! As we entered 2021 there was hope that we would be over the whole COVID pandemic thing, but here we are closing out the year and we’ll start a new year still dealing with this virus. For us at DS Visual Art we hope that all of our readers and their families continue to be safe during this time.

In addition to all of the other challenges that we’ve faced throughout the year, engaging in our photography business has been a major obstacle. In previous posts I have made mention of a weekly photography challenge, 52Frames, that I’ve been participating in. Not only has this helped maintain my sanity since joining, it’s pushed me in trying new things in photography.

The wonderful thing about this site is that its purpose is give each participant with a weekly challenge to help them develop their photography skills. I didn’t start the challenge until April of this year but have successfully submitted every week. In addition to the weekly challenge they have an “Extra Challenge”. If you love photography but find it difficult to stay motivated I highly encourage you to check it out.

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