It’s all about convenience

Well in my last post I said that I would be taking a DSLR on my trip.  True to my word I did bring along the D200.  That said it has not proven to be my “go to” camera thus far.

Our trip started in Hamburg Germany.  The little bit of site seeing that we did I took our small point & shoot Canon.  Part of my rationale was that it’s such a big city and didn’t feel that there would be many photo ops.  As it turns out for me this was accurate.

From here we got on a ship and headed for Lisbon Portugal.  This mean 3+ days at sea so not much in the way of photography.  What little bit I did shoot on the ship was done with my iPhone, with the exception of a few with the D200 as we pulled into port.

Once in Lisbon we did a shore excursion which was an eBike tour.  It started out rainy but as the day progressed the weather cleared up.  Regardless, because we were going to be on bicycles I didn’t want to drag a bunch of weight so the big camera stayed in the cabin.

We set sail later in the day headed to Cadiz Spain.  Our excursion for this day was a wine tasting tour.  I chose to carry the point and shoot for this trip, again because I didn’t feel like toting the bigger camera.  As it would turn out, while I did take some with the small camera I found it much easier to just resort to my iPhone.

I’m thinking that until we get to Italy most of my photos will be done with the phone.

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