Travel lightly

Well, here we are the last day of the cruise headed for Genoa Italy from Marseille France.  It’s almost unfortunate that it took me the entire cruise to come to the realization that when out being a tourist there is something to be said about “traveling lightly”.

As I said in previous posts I started out carrying a small point & shoot, my phone and a bottle of water.  It was very clunky at time trying to juggle everything so I decided to skip the camera and just carry my phone and the water.

Today was the best day because I set out with just a phone for photos.  Man did it ever make the experience so much better.  All I had to worry about was enjoying the trip.

I couldn’t help but notice people carrying their DSLRs or mirrorless cameras with lenses.  One person in particular was carrying a camera bag that was in my opinion more than I’d want to carry.  With his mirrorless camera he was using the LCD display on the back for the viewfinder and had variable length lens.

While I’m sure he ended up with some pretty good shots, I would venture to say that there wasn’t anything extraordinary that I wasn’t able to capture with my phone and my load was much lighter.

As we head off to Genoa, I am still considering what to use for our day trips but I guess we’ll see.  Stay tuned…

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